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Considering Key Aspects In Fishing Buffs

You must always wear a fishing buff when you are on the water all day. You need to protect your face from the elements nature is going to throw at it. If you have been keeping up with the times you will have notices most serious fisherman wear a buff while chasing snook, redfish, tarpon or sharks. It keeps your nose protected as well as your cheeks, mouth, neck, and ears. You wont ever have to worry about coming home with a sunburnt face again after boating and fishing all day. 


That is our promise to you.  We also like to wear the buffs because they wick the sweat away when we are trying to see the fish in the skinny water for those of us that enjoy that type of fishing. The fishing buffs are made of the highest quality materials you can find and are made the the good ole USA. We would like to assure you that our buffs are better quality than hop rag and columbia sportswear. Along with the highest quality product on the market, we bring you a better price as well. We sell them for only 9.95 everyday all day through our southern fin apparel page. We have lots of colors such as our camo buff, and digital camo fishing buff.

All that we ask of you is to take some pictures wearing our fishing apparel and send them to us. Our fishing gaiters are made of 100% micofiber that assures you quality and comfort.

They are also made AZO Free unlike some that are made in other factories. What kind of fishing do you wear your buff for? Saltwater, freshwater, fly fisher, or even spear fishing which is gaining in popularity.

We often run a promotion for the fishing gaiters on friday offering them for free when you buy any of our saltwater fishing shirts.

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